5 ways to use instagram stories without being on camera


If you are not quite ready to jump on the video bandwagon yet, but you would like to use Instagram Stories for your business, then I’ve got five ways for your to use it without having to be on camera.


1.Promote your Blog Post.


5 ways to use stock photos for IG stories-Blog Post

Strategic Charm Boutique

2. Get Personal.

Instagram Stories is a perfect place for you to get more personal. You can use a styled stock photo for this, or you can make it even more personal and use a behind the scenes photo.



5 ways to use stock photos for IG stories-Question                                                                                                                                                               Social Studio

3. Promote a webinar or service

If you are launching a new course or if you would like to promote your latest offering or service, this another place where you can remind your followers about it.


Hillary Rushford 

4. Motivation

I just love how Brit & Co Motivates and Inspires their fans with a daily Quote

how-to-use-styled-stock-photos-for-ig-stories-morning-message how-to-use-styled-stock-photos-for-ig-stories-quote

5. Showcase

Got a new design that you have been working on, complete the storyline with a mockup.

Display art print on Styled Stock Photo for Instagram Stories

Pika & Pookie

Bonus Tip: Do a roundup

At the end of the week take a screenshot of that beautiful grid of yours and remind your followers where they can go to get a freebie/opt-in etc. from you


Anna Agiropoulos