behind the lens-more about me

Today I just wanted to share a few fun things about me. Feel free to watch the video if you don’t want to read through the long list 🙂

  • My favorite colors are blush, black and I recently developed a slight obsession with mustard.
  • Next month I will be married to my best friend for 10 years. Whoo Hoo
  • We have got three beautiful kids. Henning aged 61/2, Miane is turning 5 in November, and little Lienke is 14 months.
  • We live in New Zealand on the Kapiti Coast
  • We immigrated here from South Africa
  • almost four years ago
  • You can probably tell that English is my 2nd language and
  • Afrikaans is my first
  • My favorites foods are Steak, pasta, and chocolate
  • I don’t like spicy food
  • when we go out for dinner, I always order the same meal
  • I love baking and anything crafty
  • I used to play piano and guitar
  • and started a High School band called Raining Fresh Daisies (insert hysterical laughter here)
  • I never drank coffee until I became pregnant with Henning
  • now I drink way too much of the damn stuff
  • I am a shy person
  • but once I get to know you I don’t shut up ( ha ha)
  • I am obsessed with flowers, and it is tough for me not to buy floral printed items
  • I have been addicted to stationery ever since I can remember
  • I used to be a wedding and lifestyle photographer
  • the hardest thing I have ever had to do was to immigrate
  • when I was little, I wanted to be a pastry chef
  • My biggest super power is coming up with new ideas
  • implementation is something I struggle with
  • I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work, and the need to always have everything perfect keeps me from getting #shitdone
  • I love cats
  • long walks on the beach
  • hot baths
  • And naps. Ha ha, I’m a mom of 3 I never get time for that.
  • I love embarrassing my husband by dancing in public
and there you have it 30+ random and utterly useless facts about me.
I would love to know a little bit more about you guys; please leave me a comment down below.