the easiest way to turn old blog post into shareable videos


The easiest way for you to repurpose and use your old blog post is to turn them into shareable videos.

You can now quickly and easily create these videos using an app called Lumen 5

Watch the video for a step by step tutoral on how to convert you blog post to video.


Once inside you Lumen 5 account, click on the “create video” tab located at the top right-hand corner of your page.

Turn Old Blog Post into video
Copy and paste the URL of the blog post you would like to turn into a video.

Click on the “Create” button

Turn Old Blog Post into video

You are now ready to start adding text to your video. Click on the “+” icon to start adding from your blog post to your video.

Turn Old Blog Post into video

All you need to do is highlight the text, and it will add it automatically

Turn Old Blog Post into video

after you are done adding all your text, you can preview your slides to make sure that everything reads correctly and that it is easy to follow along


Turn Old Blog Post into video

You can customise the look of your video by changing out the colours and fonts, and you can add some music to set the tone.

Use images from your blog post or select images from the built in stock library.

Turn Old Blog Post into videoAfter you have changed out photos and customised to your liking, you are ready to save your changes and create your video.Turn Old Blog Post into video

Download your video and share it on Youtube or upload it to Facebook and drive more likes and engagement to your page.

I would love to know if you have tried the app and what you think about it.