where to find branding inspiration


Feeling stuck with your branding? Need some inspiration?

Look no further; I am sharing my five favourite places to get inspiration for your next brand project.

Branding your business is essential for the success of your business.

Creating a brand board helps you to get clear on your vision and your message. You can read more about the seven elements that make up your brand board here

Pinterest is probably one of my most favourite places to visit for brand inspo. Because you can save all of your ideas to one board, it’s easy to pull form later.

where to find brand inspiration - pinterest


Flickr is another favourite that I visit regularly

where to find brand inspiration - Flickr



Have a look at the images in the Canva library. A visual search is also an excellent way to get images onto your mood board quickly

where to find brand inspiration - Canva


Do a visual search on google

Google visual search

Sometimes going offline is one of the simplest ways to get inspiration.

I keep a stack of my favourite magazines in my office for the times when I am looking for something different.

I also like to find inspiration in everyday life. Go for a walk or visit a coffee shop.

Inspiration is all around for those who wish to see